QS Hockey & Management System

The QS Hockey App connects to the scoreboard, allowing users to easily update the screen at the touch of a button. Choose individual match settings (halves or quarters) with and easy drop-down list of teams. The in-game features include the following: Shots, Penalty, Corners, Cards, Circle Entries and Substitutions.

QS Hockey Management

The Quickscore Hockey Management system allows for clubs to have access to manage all league, team and player data. All data is auto-synched to the Cloud, allowing for all the data to remain up-to-date.

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QS Mirroring

By simply plugging our Quickscore HDMI dongle to the back of the TV in your facilities, the live scoreboard is automatically replicated onto any screen, allowing everyone at the ground and stadium to stay up-to-date with the latest match proceedings.

QS Live Mirroring

Remotely follow the teams live scoreboard, with live online updates as they happen.

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